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Autumn is one of the most beautiful long, beautiful and bright filled with juicy colors from green-yellow, red and to brown. Autumn is a new life that we extend the summer and this is the period we call Indian summer. It's attractive to us days, but there comes a time when autumn becomes chilly and unpleasant, rains, snow, strong wind in the morning, sleet and in this weather I want to stay home where it's warm and cozy. Such a fall is dangerous for our health, it is a period of cold, acute respiratory infections, SARS and flu, reduced immunity. And so in the fall it is necessary to maintain the body's immunity. Because every disease is directly associated with changes in the immune system.

The immune system is to protect the body against both external and internal environment. We are protected by immunity from various germs, viruses, bacteria, and foreign cells called antigens. The immune system creates a barrier to antigens, it recognizes them and displays the body. Our immune system is also unique in that it has a memory. When the body at least once to cope with the disease, like "chicken pox", and many of you in childhood chickenpox this viral infection, he is immune memory, and he knows how to act the next time and the second time you will not get sick.

Immunity can be divided into two kinds of it are acquired – such immunity is formed with the intake of antibodies in a few days and innate – it is our cells (leukocytes, lymphocytes) and enzymes that have the ability to eliminate foreign cells, destroying the cell and its shell. To determine how we have such cells by doing a blood test, which shows how much they have and the more you have, the better the immunity.

In our age of constant, excessive stress, environmental pollution, adverse environment and radiation the immune system appears more and more work and he sometimes can not cope and happen.

Sometimes the immune system begins to work very actively and intensively in relation to antigens, which causes damage to its own tissues and accumulation of free radicals in the body. It is the hyperactivity of the immune system. This work of the immune system leads to allergies.

And can occur these immunity disorders like hypothyroidism or immunodeficiency is when the cells of the immune system begin to work in the palliative. Immunodeficiency can we acquire such diseases as viral infections, herpes, hepatitis and even AIDS, and the immunodeficiency may be congenital. To provoke immunodeficiency may not even be a big stress with no proper nutrition, namely lack of animal proteins. The immunodeficiency that is a weakened immune systems are most people.

But there may be another disorder of the immune system, its separate links, it is caused by the fact that certain immune cells lose their abilities and begin to act contrary, to destroy their own "brothers". It is assumed that due to the violation of certain parts of the immune system can occur diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

What can cause impaired immunity, including its decline?

This stress and negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, anxiety, frustration, anger, anxiety and other that cause impaired immunity, neurosis and many other diseases. This lack of sleep and also its quality, adverse environmental conditions, background radiation, even if it is within acceptable standards, still leads to fatigue, bad habits, excessive exposure to the sun, so long as the action of ultraviolet radiation destroy immune cells. Enhanced physical activity at work and in sports, and the weekend need to rest and not work hard in the garden, all this leads to fatigue and naturally to the decrease in immunity. And, most importantly, the food, his wealth (fans of the diet) or non-uniform, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, micro and macronutrients, minerals, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to the destruction of immune cells. Frequent use of antibiotics and more satisfying means also destroy the immune system.

How can we understand that our immune system is decreased? If you have weakness, chronic fatigue, headaches, fatigue, insomnia or drowsiness, constant exacerbation of herpes, frequent colds, aching muscles or joints, we can say that your immune system is impaired.

It is therefore necessary to normalize and maintain their immune system, but it does not have too carried away by improve immunity, as we do not know exactly what we have impaired immunity.

And for that you need to eat right, be more often outdoors, lead an active lifestyle, moderate exercise, take antioxidants, vitamins, micro and macroelements, which are very necessary to us and which is now very little food, but will help us biologically active additives.

So let's take care of yourself, strengthen your health before the cold winter weather. And we assume that autumn is not enough time for disease and depression, and a wonderful time with a very bright and varied colors, the warm memories of summer and holidays, and uplifting. Autumn is a time of change and build grandiose plans for the future. I wish you all always in good mood, love always to see only the good. After all, health is what we need.

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